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SPH is pleased to offer imprints of whole pages for sale. Currently, only imprints of The Straits Times (from Oct 2006), The Business Times (Oct 2007), Berita Harian (Sep 2007) and The New Paper (Aug 2007) are available. For purchase enquiries about pages published before those dates, please e-mail details to photobank@asia1.com.sg. Please also note that Classified and recruitment pages are not available.

Please note that the imprints on offer will be of the whole page, including any masthead and date-line. We regret that we cannot crop pages. Imprints reproduced from microflims may be of poorer quality. No refunds allowed. Click to view sample.

Please use this form to tell us which page you would like to purchase, the size and collection point. Please also tell us how you will be using the imprint, as there are different prices for #commercial and ^non-commercial uses of the imprints. All prices are inclusive of GST.

After we receive your enquiry we will send you a thumbnail of the page to confirm that it is the correct page. This may take up to three working days. You will then be directed to a page where you can pay for your purchase with a credit card.

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Prices and Sizes
Non-commercial use
Commercial use
^Non-commercial uses refers to use as personal keepsakes and private display in homes and offices with no express or otherwise intent to promote any commercial cause. #Commercial use refers to display in such ways as to promote a commercial cause, for example placement in a restaurant or shop.
Collection Point
Self-Collect from FotoHub Branches. Click here to view
Terms and Conditions
The offer of full page imprints for sale shall be subject to terms and conditions stated in our T&C page. Click here to view.
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